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Winter Term Advanced Trampoline

The Advanced Trampoline program builds on the basic trampoline skills and challenges students to improve connections, and high-level skills and put more difficult routines together.

*To be eligible to register for the advanced program, your child must be tested/approved OR have ​passed:

  • Trampoline Level 4 OR Level 7 (depending on class)

    • Otherwise, we ask that you do a term in our recreational program after which they will be placed.

*Please select the class that fits your child's age during the term.

Tuition fees displayed are by the term (12 weeks).  Please see FAQ for details.

The tuition fee does not include the $40 QBGC-GO annual registration fee July 1st - June 30th per student.

If 'Register' or 'Wait List' does not appear, the class is at its maximum wait list or has not yet opened for registration.

Advanced Trampoline Ages 9+ Years
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