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Gym Policies

Informed Consent and Assumption of Risk:

1.    This is a binding legal agreement. Clarify any questions or concerns before signing. As a Participant in the sport of gymnastics and the spectating, orientation, instruction, activities, competitions, programs, and services of Gymnastics Ontario and Quinte Bay Gymnastics Club (collectively the "Activities"), the undersigned, being the Participant and the Participant's Parent/Guardian (if Participant is under 18 years old), (collectively the "Parties"), acknowledges and agree to the terms outlined in this document.
2.    Gymnastics Ontario, Quinte Bay Gymnastics Club, and their respective Directors, Officers, committee members, members, employees, coaches, volunteers, officials, participants, agents, sponsors, owners/operators of the facilities in which the Activities take place, and representatives (collectively the "Organization").


Description and Acknowledgement of Risks:

3.    The Parties understand and acknowledge that:
a)    The Activities have foreseeable and unforeseeable inherent risks, hazards, and dangers that no amount of care, caution or expertise can eliminate, including without limitation, the potential for serious bodily injury.
b)    The Organization may offer or promote online programming (such as webinars, remote conferences, workshops, and online training) which have different foreseeable and unforeseeable risks than in-person programming
c)    The Organization has a difficult a difficult task to ensure safety and it is not infallible. The Organization may be unaware of the Participant's fitness or abilities, may give incomplete warnings or instructions, may misjudge weather or environmental conditions, and the equipment being used might malfunction.
d)    The novel coronavirus, COVID-19, has been declared a worldwide pandemic by the World Health Organization and COVID-19 is contagious. The Organization has put in place preventative measures to reduce the spread of COVID-19; however, the Organization cannot guarantee that the Participant will not become infected with COVID-19. Further, participating in the Activities could increase the Participant's risk of contracting COVID-19.

4.    The Participant is participating voluntarily in the Activities. In consideration of that participation, the Parties hereby acknowledge that they are aware of the risks, dangers and hazards and may be exposed to such risks, dangers, and hazards. The risks, dangers and hazards include, but are not limited to:
a)    Privacy breaches, hacking, technology malfunction or damage.
b)    Executing strenuous and demanding physical techniques and exerting and stretching various muscle groups.
c)    Vigorous physical exertion, strenuous cardiovascular workouts, and rapid movements
d)    The failure to properly use any piece of equipment or from the mechanical failure of any piece of equipment or apparatus.
e)    Failure to follow instructions or rules.
f)    Serious injury to virtually all bones, joints, ligaments, muscles, tendons, and other aspects of the Participant's body or to the Participant's general health and well-being.
g)    Abrasions, sprains, strains, fractures, or dislocations.
h)    Concussion or other head injuries, including but not limited to, closed head injury or blunt head trauma.
i)    Physical contact with other participants, spotters, spectators, equipment, and hazards.
j)    Collisions with walls, any gymnastics apparatus, floors, or mats
k)    Falling, tumbling, or hitting any gymnastics apparatus, the floor, mats, or other surfaces.
l)    Failure to act safely or within the Participant's ability or designated areas.
m)    Negligence of other persons, including other spectators, participants, or employees.
n)    Travel to and from competitive events and associated non-competitive events which are an integral part  of the Activities. 
o)    Contracting COVID-19 or any other contagious disease.

Code of Conduct Policy:


Quinte Bay Gymnastics Club Inc (QBGC) is committed to providing a safe, healthy, rewarding environment that promotes a high level of program satisfaction and a respectful environment. We believe that it is a shared responsibility of all employees, volunteers, and participants to work towards the constant improvement of our club. To assist the organization in maintaining an exemplary environment, we require that all employees, volunteers, and participants of QBGC conduct themselves in an ethical and professional manner, at all times.



This policy applies to all employees, volunteers, and participants.


Policy Guidelines:

To preserve the core values and business principles that our organization is founded upon, we have compiled a list of unacceptable behavioural actions that have been classified as either:

1.  Hazardous to participant safety

2.  A influence on club morale or

3.  Detrimental to the success of QBGC


QBGC reserves the right to discipline and, in certain cases, terminate a membership for participating in any conduct that violates QBGC’s Code of Conduct standards and policies.


-  Unacceptable Actions / Behaviours:

-  Unacceptable behaviours shall include, but not be limited to the following:

-  Unprofessional behaviour when communicating with employees, parents/guardians, and associates

-  Willful damage or destruction to club property, or employee property

-  Disorderly, immoral, or indecent conduct

-  Violation of health and safety practices, policies and procedures

-  Theft, including physical, and intellectual properties

-  Insubordination

-  Dishonest, illegal, or improper business activities

-  Job abandonment


Employees, volunteers, and participants are expected to conduct themselves in a manner conducive to a professional, safe workplace, following all employer practices, policies and procedures.

Release of Liability:

5.    In consideration of the Organization allowing the Participant to participate in the Activities, the Parties agree:
a)    That when the Participant practices or trains in their own space, the Parties are responsible for the Participant's surroundings and the location and equipment that is selected for the Participant.
b)    That the Participant's mental and physical condition is appropriate to participate in the Activities and the Parties assume all risks related to the Participant's mental and physical condition.
c)    That the Participant may experience anxiety while challenging themselves during the Activities.
d)    To comply with the rules and regulations for participation in the Activities.
e)    To comply with the rules of the facility or equipment.
f)    The risks associated with the Activities are increased when the Participant is impaired, and the Participant will not participate if impaired in any way.
g)    That COVID-19 is contagious in nature and the Participant may be exposed to, or infected by COVID-19.

6.    In consideration of the Organization allowing the Participant to participate, the Parties agree:
a)    That the Parties are not relying on any oral or written statements made by the Organization or their agents, whether in brochure or advertisement or in individual conversations to agree to participate in the Activities.
b)    That the Organization is not responsible or liable for any damage to the Participant's vehicle, property, or equipment that may occur as a result of the Activities; and 
c)    That this Agreement is intended to be as broad and inclusive as is permitted by law of the Province of Ontario and if any portion thereof is held invalid, the balance shall, notwithstanding, continue in full legal force and effect.

7.    The Parties agree that in the event that they file a lawsuit against the Organization, they agree to do so solely in the Province of Ontario.


Behaviour Management Policy:

At the Quinte Bay Gymnastics Club (QBGC), participants are expected to show respect for themselves, fellow participants, coaches, supervisors, guests, the equipment, as well as the facility itself. QBGC wants to ensure that behaviour is not something that detracts from a participant's experience. It is our goal to provide a healthy, safe, secure, and accepting environment for all participants.


When a participant does not follow the behavioural guidelines, the following steps will be taken: 

Step One: First occurrence of a behavioural matter: the participant will be asked to take a break from the activity or situation. They will not be excluded, but rather provided with an opportunity to think and calm from any frustrations they may have. The coach/supervisor will actively follow up with the participant during this time to discuss what happened and together create a re-entry plan. The duration of the break will be relative to the behavior, age of the child, and the time needed to calm from any frustrations. Parent/guardian will be notified of the incident at pick up.

Step Two: Second occurrence of a behavioural matter or dealing with a more severe behavioural matter that would require skipping Step One, the participant will be asked to take a break from the activity or situation. The supervisor will hear from all parties and create an action plan. Parents and/or guardians will be contacted at this stage to ensure they are informed. The duration of the break will be relative to the behavior, age of the child, and the time needed to calm from any frustrations.

Step Three: Third occurrence of a behavioural matter or dealing with a severe issue that requires skipping Steps One and Two, the supervisor will contact the parent/guardian to discuss the issue. If inappropriate behavior continues QBGC reserves the right to have the participant suspended and asked to leave the program and a refund will not be provided. Parent/guardian input will be considered; however, staff and other participant's safety, and overall well-being will be held as a priority. During each step within this 3-step model, the coaches/supervisors will speak calmly and openly with the participants involved. All parties involved will have their opinions heard and considered. All incidents will be recorded on the participant's file.

Payment Policies:

All fees, including the Gymnastics Ontario (GO) registration fee, will be due in full at the time of registration. NSF will be a charge of $25. QBGC does not offer make up classes, refunds, or credits for missed classes. However, fees are always adjusted for classes that are cancelled by QBGC. Classes cancelled due to inclement weather or unforeseen circumstances will be given a credit that must be used within one year from the date of issue. 

**Update:  If QBGC must shut down due to Covid-19 or any other unforeseen reason, you will receive a credit on your account for any unused training fees, minus an administration fee.

*Fees are subject to change with notice


Annual Registration Fee:

The GO registration fee of $35 is non-refundable and will not be pro-rated. This is an annual fee that includes membership with Gymnastics Ontario. This fee is applied to each gymnast upon registration for any class or camp and is valid for classes or camps between July 1 and June 30 of each calendar year.



QBGC is pleased to offer Family Discounts:
2nd child - 10% off tuition fees
3rd child - 10% off tuition fees
4th child - 10% off tuition fees
Discounts will be taken off the lowest fees.

Recreational/Competitive Withdraw Policy:

Your child(ren)'s spot in class is theirs for the full term and no refunds will be given should you choose to withdraw before the end of the term .
**COMPETITIVE WITHDRAWALS must be sent directly via email to


General Gym Policies:

1. Gymnastics equipment may not be used unless under coach supervision.
2. We are a Hands-Off facility ensuring the safety and comfort of all gymnasts.
3. Only water is permitted inside the gym. Your child must bring their own water bottle to each class as there are water refilling stations only within the gym.
4. All footwear must be removed and left in the designated areas before entering the gym.
5. Only students and staff may enter the gym except for any parented classes where the parent is required to support their child. 

6. Cell phone use, photos and videos, are not permitted within the club. 
7. We make every effort to provide a peanut/nut free environment. Please do not bring any food products made of or containing peanuts/nuts into the gym.
8. QBGC reserves the right to terminate membership at any time.
9. QBGC is not responsible for lost or stolen items.
10. Bare feet in the gym is required for safety reasons. However, if you wish to wear socks, they must be anti-slip and can be purchased in the office. Please, no crop tops, bare midriffs, denim, belts, buckles, zippers, buttons, etc. Long hair must be tied back, and no jewelry is permitted except studs or sleeper earrings. Children dressed inappropriately will be asked to change and/or not be admitted into class.

Online Registration:

You can register online through our website and/or by logging into your parent portal. For assistance, please email If you are a previous member and unable to login to your account through the parent portal, please DO NOT create another account. Please EMAIL or CALL the office 613-967-9517 for assistance.

Drop Off & Pick Up Policy:

          Please bring your child(ren) into the building where they will leave coats and footwear in the designated boot room              off the lobby, then you and your child(ren) will proceed upstairs where your child(ren) will be collected by their coach            who will guide them into the gym. Pick up will occur in the lobby.

          QBGC staff is responsible for your child(ren) during their scheduled class time only. As such we ask that you arrive on            time when dropping off and picking up your child(ren).

Participation Procedure:

This policy is to address any occurrences of participants attending classes who have plantar warts or common warts and to minimize the spread of the virus from one participant to another. Participants who attend classes with plantar warts, papillomas, or common warts must have the warts completely covered with sport or medical tape as well as a sock or gymnastic slipper before class. A participant with an uncovered wart will not be allowed to participate, however they may observe from the side. It is not the responsibility of the QBGC or the coach to provide medical tape or socks. It is the parent/guardian and participant's responsibility. Tape can be purchased by the roll along with anti-slip socks from the office.


8. The Parties acknowledge that they have read this agreement and understand it, that they have executed this agreement voluntarily, and that this agreement is to be binding upon themselves, their heirs, their spouses, parents, guardians, next of kin, executors, administrators and legal or personal representatives.

Competitive Athletes Only:
Please note that the Competitive Handbook precedes all of the above.

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