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Testing for Advanced/Competitive Gymnastics Programs-

2024/2025 Season 


If your child is looking to be challenged at a higher degree and is between the ages of 4.5-16, register them for testing and we will evaluate their skills, strength, focus and flexibility and determine if they are ready to be placed in the advanced program or the competitive program.

We ask that if you are interested in the competitive program to first read through the Competitive Handbook to ensure the program will be a good fit for your child and family.

Students currently registered in the advanced program are welcome to stay unless they receive a notice stating they no longer meet the requirements of the program. They only need to be tested if they would like to try out for the competitive program.

Students currently registered in the competitive program do not require testing and will receive a letter of placement at the end of the season.


Testing Date: 

Monday, ​May 20th 4:00-7:30PM

Cost: $15


What to Expect:

Coaches will be evaluating your child on the following criteria:

  • Strength

  • Flexibility

  • Focus

  • Skills on events

An email with your child's specific time will be sent a few days before the testing date.

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