Testing for Advanced/Competitive Gymnastics Programs-

2022/2023 Season 


If your child is looking to be challenged at a higher degree, sign them up for testing and we will evaluate their skills, strength, focus and flexibility to see if they are ready to be put into an advanced class or possibly be placed into our competitive stream.

We ask that if you are interested in the competitive stream to first read through the Competitive Handbook to ensure the program will be a good fit for your child and family.

Students currently registered in an advanced class will receive a letter of placement (recreational or advanced) with their report card at the end of April and do not need to be tested for the advanced stream although if your child would like to try out for the competitive stream they will need to be tested.

Students currently registered in the competitive stream do not require testing and will receive a letter of placement at the end of the season.


Testing Date: 

Tumbling & Trampoline - Saturday, May 14th 2022 (early evening)

Artistic & Acro - Monday, May 23rd 2022 (late afternoon/early evening)

Cost: $15


What to Expect:

Coaches will be evaluating your child on the following criteria:

  • Strength

  • Flexibility

  • Focus

  • Skills on events

A follow up email with recommended placement will be sent within a week after the testing date.