Summer Term Recreational Tumbling

The tumbling program will get student's introduced to the sport of power tumbling. Students will work on basic tumbling skills on the trampoline, tumble track, pit and rod floor. This hour and a half program is open to students of all skill levels starting at beginner. 

*Please select the class that fits your child's age as of August 31, 2022.

Ages 7-9 Years
Ages 10+ Years
Tumbling for Cheerleaders
Cheer Level Requirements

Level 1 Prerequisites

  • Backwalkover

  • Frontwalkover

  • Cartwheel

  • Round-off

Level 2 Prerequisites

  • Standing backhandspring

  • Round-off backhandspring connected 

Level 3+ Prerequisites

  • Standing 3 backhandsprings connected

  • Round-off backhandspring back tuck

  • Punch front tuck

Athletes will be working on working on cleaning up their current skills and learning the next higher level of skills

***Prerequisite skills listed the athlete must be able to do on the spring floor/rod floor without spotting***

Tuition fees displayed are for the term, and are determined according to the number of classes during that term. Please see FAQ for details.

Your student's spot is theirs until the end of the term.

The tuition fee does not include the $35 QBGC-GO annual registration fee July 1st - June 30th per student.

If 'Register' or 'Wait List' does not appear, the class is at its maximum wait list or has not yet opened for registration.