The Quinte Bay Gymnastics Club continues to grow with over 1485 athletes registered throughout the year.   Each year we strive to increase programming and develop new ones to accommodate the ever-changing needs of the community and surrounding area.   We are a not-for-profit organization run by a Board of Directors, Staff, and Parent Volunteers dedicated to providing quality gymnastics programs within our community for recreational and competitive athletes.  With the generous support of our parent volunteers, ongoing fundraisers, and sponsorship we are able to continue to offer affordable programming for all our athletes while also providing up to date safe equipment.

Over the past two years the club has continually, with the help of our sponsorships, raised funds to assist with upgrades and improvements to the club.   During this time, we have made upgrades to the outside lighting, and changed over all the lighting in the Club to LED.   We recently applied and were the successful recipients of an accessibility grant that allowed us to replace both the inside and outside main entry doors with accessibility buttons.


We continue to seek out corporate sponsorship to assist us in addressing the ever-changing legislation and regulations that are  required to make our facility accessible, energy efficient, and safe. Through the support of generous sponsorship, like yours, we hope to raise funds to address the following:

  • ·         Upgrade fire rated doors in upper viewing area, electrical rooms, and hallway according to new legislation.                                Estimated cost is $6,000.00.

  • ·         Upgrade main washrooms to be accessible.   Estimated cost is $20,000.00.

  • ·         Upgrade change rooms by replacing flooring, removing old shower stalls, and provide change spaces that are private.            Estimated cost is $15,000.00.


This is a great opportunity for businesses like yours to have phenomenal exposure to a large local audience. With your purchase of a sponsorship and custom banner the club will provide your business with the following:

  • ·         Display of your banner, as purchased by the sponsor, in a prominent location within the gym for the duration of the              sponsorship period.

  • ·         Your business cards will be available and on display in our boutique office.

  • ·         Your business will be announced as one of our supporting sponsors at all our competitions and events.

  • ·         Your business logo will be displayed on our Website and linked to your website so our viewers can connect directly                with your business.

  • ·         An appreciation plaque will be provided showing your support.



Two Year Rental; one-time payment                          $1000.00

Two Year Rental; two payments                                  $  550.00 (Second payment to be made at the beginning of the second year)


All gymnasts benefit in some way from corporate sponsorship and as such in return for your generosity we ask all gymnasts and their families to support you, our sponsors.


Thank you in advance for your consideration of this request.  If you can help us, or have any further questions, please contact the office at 613-967-9517 or by email:





Barb Mutton                                                                Michael Vanderwal

Administrator                                                               Chair of the Board, Quinte Bay Gymnastic Club